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Couches and Sofas for Sale – Sofa Store in Granville

If you’re looking for good quality sofas and couches for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Sydney Discounted Furniture Warehouse is a leading store for buying classy yet cheap sofas in Granville. We have an ever-changing range of premium couches in durable materials. We offer a diverse range, from standout 2-seaters to comfortable recliners, available in a variety of colours. Whether you visit our store or browse through our online collection, rest assured, you can expect to get only quality furniture.

Many homeowners have a theme in mind they wish to design for their living room. That’s why, we offer affordable couches for sale in various styles to match every taste and budget. Even better, you can now get them at a discount of up to 50% off the regular price. So, don’t miss this fantastic deal and bring yourself a comfortable seating piece today.

Buy Our Cheap Sofa and Couches Online:

Most homeowners often wonder whether cheap sofas online will provide the same comfort level. When you purchase cheap couches from a reputable website or store like ours, there is no compromise on quality. At Sydney Discounted Furniture Warehouse, we know furniture plays a significant role in our lives. So, we sell only those products that are durable and last for a longer time. Plus, all our sofas come with a warranty of up to 5 years to offer you peace of mind.

A good quality, stylish couch can completely change the look and feel of a living room. However, buying a sofa is not like one size fits all. It depends on individual preferences. Hence, to satisfy distinct needs, our sofa store sells the following styles in Granville:

  • Corner Sofas: Two separate sofas would take up a lot of room if you have smaller living rooms. In such instances, a corner sofa or couch at home will fit neatly into your room layout. Moreover, it will make your space appear larger, leaving no annoying gaps around your room. A corner sofa bed is also a great option in homes with no guest rooms. During the day, you can comfortably lounge on it together whereas turn it into a comfy bed at night.
  • Recliner Sofas and Couches: Relaxing in recliner sofas can help release your stress after a long hectic day. Due to their ability to help with various body pains, leather or fabric recliner sofas have gained a lot of attention. Moreover, they are great for reclining while watching TV or reading. Whether you’ve got a modern home or contemporary decor, our practical sofa sets can be appropriate for your space. The types we offer:

    • Electric Recliner Sofa: Power recliners offer a range of motions with just a touch of a button. These reclining positions can benefit you in an infinite number of ways. Since they promote a healthier seated body position, they can help alleviate back pain from poor sitting posture.
    • Manual Recliner Sofa: For those seeking comfort without the need for electrical power, our manual recliner sofas are the perfect choice. Offering substantial comfort and greater positioning control, these hand-operated recliners are both practical and cost-effective.
  • L-shaped Sofa: Do you want to have a large sitting space where your loved ones sit and watch a movie together? If so, nothing fits the bill more than a L-shaped couch. We have many cheap sofas online in these designs, perfect for get-togethers and movie nights. You can either arrange them in the middle of the room or the corner. No matter how you place them, these magnificent pieces will surely elevate your living room.

Style is usually the most important when buying cheap couches online. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to consider the seating capacity as well. Assessing the available area and counting the family members can help you determine the required seating space. Given this, 3-seater sofas and 2-seater sofas are our most popular formats. While the former is much more cost-effective, a small family or couples can opt for a 2-seater couch. Individuals with larger living room space and who love to party can get their hands on our beautiful 6-seater sofas.

Get Sofas and Couches that Suit Your Style at a Discount

Buying a couch just for comfort isn’t enough; finding the right design matters too. After all, your furniture and décor say a lot about your personality. The sofas for sale we have can help you create a theme of your choice. From classic to modern, they all can add an aesthetic appeal to the overall look of your space. All of them are low-maintenance and can last for years to come. More importantly, you’ll not end up splurging as we offer our products at quite affordable rates.

Sydney Discounted Furniture Warehouse sells a variety of cheap couches that will add pattern and colour to your home. We have furniture in neutral tones as well if you want to tone down the vibrancy of any space. What’s more, our collection contains many grey sofa designs, perfect to mix and match your decor over the years.

Why Choose Us?

A sofa is a huge investment. Like everyone else you also want it to last for long, isn’t it? When you decide to buy couches online, your budget, lifestyle, and preferences play an important role. At Sydney Discounted Furniture Warehouse, we take care of all aspects that our customers expect. All our comfortable sofas are made with high-quality materials that can last for long. Besides, we provide:

  • Various Style and Colour Options: At our shop, you can get a rich collection of designs and colour variations. When you buy our modern couches, you don't have to worry about the already-existing decor of your room. As they can easily complement your home, no need to spend time redecorating it.
  • Maintenance-free Furniture: Our sofas are easier to clean. Just vacuum them in a set routine or remove any surface dirt with a wet cloth.
  • Feasibility to Buy Sofa Online: Wouldn’t it be great if you find your dream couch from the comfort of your home? Our website has all the designs that we offer in-store, making it feasible to shop for one.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Option: If you wish to not pay all the amount upfront, don’t worry, you can choose an alternative payment option. Buy what you need today and pay the price in the months to come with BNPL.
  • Free Delivery: Don’t worry about transportation costs as we will get your furniture delivered to your location. We do not charge any shipping fee for local suburbs.
  • Warranty: All our sofas on sale come with up to 5 years warranty. So, shop with us with confidence.

Get a discount of up to 50% today on all our couches for sale in Granville. Call us on 0451 077 869; we are available 24/7 on call to answer your queries. Also, you can email us at to know more.